Wednesday, July 17, 2024

‘Fake’ doctor detained from govt hospital in Rourkela – N.F Times

Rourkela: A “fake” doctor of Rourkela Government Hospital was detained by Raghunathpalli police, on Thursday.

The accused whose educational qualification is Plus 2, has been identified as Padmanabhan Mukhi. He was earlier arrested by the police in 2019 on the same charges. He used to attend to patients in Nua Gaon block by showing them his fake certificate. He was arrested and forwarded to court after police received many complaints against him. He was jailed also.

Following his release from jail, Mukhi again started working as a doctor in Rourkela Government Hospital by producing the certificate of a doctor from Jharkhand named Ramesh Chandra Jha. He had forged the documents to get the job, said sources.

The matter came to light after Mukhi applied for a loan from a private company. Subsequently, Raghunathpali police detained him and interrogated him as part of the investigation.

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