Wednesday, July 17, 2024

‘Kanguva’ featuring Suriya locks its release on 10 October! – N.F Times

Coming from the house of Studio Green, the much-awaited ‘Kanguva’, starring Suriya, is indeed one of the biggest films that everyone is eagerly looking forward to.

While the sizzle teaser gave a glimpse of its enormous and thrilling world, it also presented the never-before-seen avatar of superstar Suriya as the Mighty Warrior and Bobby Deol as the antagonist, which has piqued excitement to sky-high levels. All of this has left the audience curious to know more, and now the makers have finally announced the film’s release date: 10th October 2024.

With the new poster, the makers of ‘Kanguva’ has made a grand announcement of the release date. The film is all set to release on 10th October 2024. The makers shared the new poster and jotted down the caption –

“Ready yourselves to welcome the Warrior King 👑

Our #Kanguva is set to conquer your hearts and screens from October 10, 2024 🗡️🏹

#KanguvaFromOct10 🦅”

Kanguva promises a raw, rustic, and new visual experience to the audience with human emotions, powerful performances, and never-before-seen action sequences on a massive scale. The film features cinematography by Vetri Palanisamy and a musical score by ‘Rockstar Devi Sri Prasad.

Kanguva is the biggest and most expensive film of this year. With an estimated budget of over 350 Cr., it’s bigger than the likes of Pushpa, Singham and several other big films. Moreover, the film has been shot across 7 different countries on various continents of India. The makers had a very specific look in mind as this is a very unique film showing the prehistoric period. The makers hired experts from Hollywood for the technical departments like action and cinematography. The film has one of the biggest war sequences featuring over 10,000 people.

Studio Green has signed up with top distribution houses to release the film on a massive scale across the globe on 10th October 2024.

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