Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Ratan Tata appeals for blood donor for puppy – N.F Times

Mumbai: Ratan Tata took to Instagram to urge people to help him find a blood donor for a dog admitted to his Small Animal Hospital in Mumbai. In his post, he shared details about the requirements and asked Mumbai to help him with his request.

“I would really really appreciate your help,” the business tycoon and philanthropist wrote.

In the following lines, he added that the medical staff at his animal hospital requires blood for a 7-month-old dog admitted for a “suspected tick fever and life-threatening anaemia.” He also added the eligibility criteria for the donor dog. The share is complete with a picture of the animal in need of blood.

He further shared the same photo as his Instagram story with a text insert – “Mumbai, I need your help.”

The post, since being shared a few hours ago, has gone viral. Till now, it has accumulated more than 4.8 lakh likes and the numbers are quickly increasing. The share further collected tons of comments from people.

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