Tuesday, July 16, 2024

BTS’ Jin shares update on comeback – N.F Times

Seoul: BTS member Jin, recently discharged from the military, is working on a grand comeback. Jin, the first BTS member to complete his military training, confirmed he is working on new music and is likely to appear on several shows.

Kim Seok-jin, mononymously known as Jin, shared the update while replying to a fan on Weverse. The fan asked, ‘Jin hyung (brother) what are you doing these days?’ Jin replied, ‘I’ve been recording, filming variety shows, and I’m slowly making progress on plans I made in the military. I am showing my face as much as I can but also doing my main job. The final products will all be released a few months later so please wait just a little bit more.’

Another fan asked about the release of the ‘super tuna song,’ to which Jin replied, ‘Jiminie’s album is going to be released so I decided it would be manners to postpone it for now.’

Jin also confirmed he has no plans of pursuing acting.A fan posted, ‘Waiting for actor Jin,’ and Jin responded, ‘I don’t have any plans to act. Sorry.’ Meanwhile, fans are counting down to J-Hope’s military discharge on October 17.

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