Wednesday, July 17, 2024

MP: Four Children Die at Shelter Home in Indore, 30 Fall Sick – N.F Times

Indore: The death toll of children due to suspected food poisoning at Indore’s Shri Yugpurush Dham Baudhik Vikas Kendra has increased to four, with around 30 children now reported to be sick.

These children are currently receiving medical care at the Government Chacha Nehru Hospital in the city, and the count of those affected continues to rise.

Dr. Preeti Malpani, Superintendent of Chacha Nehru Hospital, stated, “In the afternoon, five additional children were admitted to the hospital, one of whom was already deceased. Subsequently, four more children were hospitalized, and about nine others were brought in during the evening.”

Earlier she reported, “On Tuesday morning, 12 children from an ashram on Panchkuiya Road were brought to our hospital. They have been suffering from vomiting and diarrhoea since last night; these children have disabilities, are visually impaired, and have mental challenges.”

Initially, three deaths were reported: one child passed away on June 30, and two on July 1. With another death reported on Tuesday, the death toll has reached four.

Authorities have launched an investigation, dispatching a team of medical professionals, food safety officers, and municipal corporation staff to conduct inquiries. The Food Safety Department has collected samples from the site for analysis to determine the cause of the incident.

Postmortem have been performed on two children, but a detailed report is pending. This report will confirm the precise cause of death, according to an official. Previously, the institution housed a total of 204 children.

The main focus is to ensure the proper treatment of the hospitalised children and to prevent any further spread of illness. The shelter, run by an NGO, was home to children with disabilities and orphans, said the collector.

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