Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Death of Children 'Heart-Wrenching' PM Modi to Putin – N.F Times

Prime  Minister Modi during his bilateral meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, expressed his concern for the tragic killings of children in conflicts, describing it as “heart-wrenching” to witness the death of innocents.

He stated that any person who values humanity feels the pain of loss of life. The statement follows the recent missile attack on a children’s hospital in Kyiv, which resulted in the death of 37 children.

“Be it war, conflicts, terror attacks – everyone who believes in humanity is pained when there is loss of lives. But when innocent children are murdered, when we see innocent children dying, it is heart-wrenching. That pain is immense. I also held a detailed discussion with you over this,” PM Modi expressed during the meeting.

Furthermore, PM Modi denounced the terrorist attack in Russia’s Dagestan as “horrific and disgusting,” emphasizing that India has been confronting this threat for over four decades.

He mentioned the long-standing dialogue between the two nations, spanning 25 years, and remarked that his current visit to Russia is garnering global attention.

“The bilateral talks between the two nations have been going on for 25 years. We have met 22 times. This is such a meeting that the focus of the entire world is on this visit of mine. The entire world is drawing out different meanings of this visit”, PM Modi commented.

Earlier today, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy expressed disappointment over Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Russia, calling it a “devastating blow to peace efforts” as Russia launched a missile strike on a children’s hospital in Kyiv, killing 37, including 3 children, and injuring 170.”

PM Modi also addressed the Indian community in Moscow. He spoke about the ties between India and Russia and the contribution of the Indian diaspora in strengthening them. Additionally, he announced the opening of Indian Consulates in Kazan and Yekaterinburg.

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