Sunday, July 14, 2024

Woman Tries to Obstruct CM’s Carcade in Bhubaneswar – N.F Times

Bhubaneswar: A woman tried to stop Chief Minister Mohan Majhi’s carcade at Rasulgarh,  on Tuesday evening but alert cops handled the situation promptly.

While the CM was on his way back to his residence around 5:15 pm, as he was passing through Rasulgarh Chhak, the traffic along the route was stopped for about 30 minutes.

Among others, a woman in her car was also asked to stop. She inquired with the police about the reason. The police explained that this was a routine procedure followed whenever the CM’s carcade passed through any intersection.

As per sources, at first, the woman requested the concerned traffic officer to allow her to reach the hospital due to an emergency. But when the concerned traffic officer asked her to take a separate route, the woman then tried to stop the carcade.

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