Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Injustices and Harassment to an Inspector

Bhubaneswar/ Sundargarh : In the Police System of Odisha, Innocents are getting unnecessarily harassment , the reason is that the Police System of Odisha is badly in need of reformation. One ladies Inspector is getting harassment and facing departmental draft charges for a false case. The false case is like that one Complaint lodged a false case mentioning that at late night, he went to his sister house & where his laptop & some money had been stolen. As, it is late night and the Complaint had gone to his sister house, so prior to that the Complaint must have to call over phone to his sister that I am coming. After receiving the complain, one IIC, must ask him to produce both the Mobile sets before the concerned Police Station to verify the fact, whether, it is true or not. This is the mistake of IIC, why Mobile sets are necessary or required. The Complaint published a false news against the concerned IIC or Inspector giving bribes to a so called journalist & he sent the published paper cutting to the Director General of Police, Odisha & others senior officers for enquiry. Without going into the indepth, the the then Director General of Police ordered for an enquiry & the enquiring police officer also without going into the indepth, he reported intentionally against the police Inspector to the DGP, Odisha and the concerned SP also Without going into indepth impartially, ordered for a draft charge. Now, the concerned Inspector is moving here & there to get justice since last one year . Another, pettiness is that the Inspector only one son has taken admission in chandra Shekharpur DAV, School , Bhubaneswar and he is depriving of attending classes regularly as his mother is at a distance of more to 300 kilometers away from Bhubaneswar . The Inspector requested the DGP for a transfer to Bhubaneswar for the sake ofthe only son education or bright future attaching in file work or office attach post at Bhubaneswar. But till now no justice has been given to the Inspector, rather, the Inspector is getting harassment. Demanding for sympathetic consideration by the Director General of Police for the betterment of a child student of class 4th on humanity ground.

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