Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Mr. Sidharth Nayak Nominated as BCJD Working President Of Cuttack District

Cuttack (Corresp.) : As per the recommendation of MLA of Choudwar – Cuttack, Sidharth Kumar Nayak has been nominated as the working president of Biju Chatra Janta Dal (BCJD) . In this event with manifesting his gratefulness to our hon’ble CM Naveen Pattnaik,Organising Secretary Pranab Prakash Das, Dharmasala MLA Pranab Balabantray, Ex- MLA Dr. Pravat Ranjan Biswal , MLA Souvic Biswal, President of Cuttack District Mr. Devashish Samantray and other respected leaders of the party, he also pledged to strengthen the students power and to draw more success to the party in the next general election.

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