Friday, June 21, 2024

Eradication of Corruption will ensure the accessibility of Human Rights: Satish Biswal

Jajpur,Pratap Prusty : “The term human rights denote all rights which are inherent in our nature and without which we cannot live as human beings. Existence of Human Rights is utmost need for the development of both individual and the nation. Corruption impedes the accessibility of Human Rights. Endangering of Human Rights beckons chaos. Human Rights will be saved and accessible only by eradication of Corruption”, addressed Satish Biswal, a revolutionary leader and senior journalist at the district level conference on Human Rights, held at Trinath Temple at Jaraka, Jajpur. Corruption is a carcinoma that rapidly invades and paralyzes the entire system. It snatches peace and harmony of the common people. The corrupt people are more dangerous than the British and in this context, an unceasing and uncompromising revolution is utmost required, urges Mr Biswal, the leader social activist who participated as the chief speaker in the conference. Sri Batakrushna Ojha, the notable children’s author participated the conference as chief guest and iterated that it is not a good part of human being to bully the innocence by depriving their legal rights that directly pervades the human rights. The conference was held under chairmanship of Mr Tapan Kumar swain, the vice-president of the organisation. The chairman of the committee Sri Ramesh Bharati exclaimed that in the coming days, another movement is required for the protection of Human Rights in which people should be made aware about their legal rights.The senior social activist Mr Narayan Mullick quoted that there is a need of every individual to come forward for ensuring establishment of Human Rights. Mr Manas Jena, the senior journalist called the media personnel for making their pens sharp in favour pretection of Human Rights. In this conference, the poet, Mr Sangram Jena, the chief media cell of the organisation, Mr Ramesh Mahalik, Dr. Pawaneswar Jena, Advocate Nrushingha Mishra, Golakh Palei, Mr Rajat Jena and many more dignitaries were taken part and addressed the public. Mr. Kartik Mallick thanked all for their active participation in the conference.

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