Tuesday, May 30, 2023

CM Naveen Pattanaik , Proved again in the likeness of Odisha CM Again

Bhubaneswar (Sunil Mishra) : Capital City, Bhubaneswar Roadshow brings the Naveen Pattanaik, Odisha People likeness. The huge gathering of people of all over Odisha more to 50 thousands created a smile in each & every person’s face and it created a positive & constructive whispering of winning in the coming 2024 , Election. Naveen Pattanaik jee is now unchallenged or unchallengible CM in the coming Election. There is no doubt that the Biju Janata Dal ( BJD) under the leadership of the most learned, dynamic, energetic, helping, cooperative and result oriented present, Odisha CM, Naveen Pattanaik jee will win again with thumping majority. BJD, has reached to the Grass Root , their Networking , touch & connections with people are totally praiseworthy. Practically, most of the people of Odisha are satisfied with works & leadership of Naveen Pattanaik jee. The new PCC, Chief Sarat Pattanaik is trying his level best to reach to the grass roots and he is trying to connect with various people of Odisha. But, he has not been declared as the Chief Minister candidate of Congress Party. Like BJP is some how better Networking as compare to Congress, but , here is also the same thing, the Party has not declared openly who will be their Chief Minister Candidate. Practically, if we do go into the indepth, Naveen Pattanaik jee is the unchallenged and declared Chief Minister of Biju Janata Dal. The unpredictable huge gathering in the Welcoming Ceremony of Naveen Pattanaik from Biju Pattanaik International Airport to Naveen Nivas with different types of Traditional Cultural Groups, Folk Artistes, Tribal Dance Troupes & Counch created as if the 2024 , Election has been declared & Naveen Pattanaik has regained with thumping majority. The huge gathering people are in cheerful mood & Welcoming standing both sides of the roads to the CM, Naveen. He gave a brief attractive speech to the party workers from the Vehicle. He asked uttering or urging his famous tagline to the huge gathering that ” Apana Mane Khusi Ta. Mu Bi Bahut Khusi”( it means , Are you happy & I am also happy). All Ministers, Senior leaders, MPs, MLAs were present in this Roadshow and chanted all as Naveen Pattanaik Zindabad. The Chief Minister gave thanks to the party workers and he dedicated the award of life time achievement to the people of Odisha & also gave thanks or thanked to the people of Odisha for giving him the opportunity to serve the people of the Odisha State for 22 years. The Welcoming Ceremony is becoming the talk of Odisha.

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