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“Our performance should be robust enough to sustain the market variations,” says Mr. Atanu Bhowmick, Director In-Charge, Rourkela Steel Plant

Rourkela(11-09-22): “The steel market operates in a cyclic process, but our performance should be robust enough to sustain any variation in the market conditions,” said Mr. Atanu Bhowmick, Director In-Charge (DIC) while addressing in the 4th session of ‘Lakshya-The target’. The unique HR communication exercise of SAIL, Rourkela Steel Plant (RSP) was organised on 9th September, 2022 at ‘Manthan’ Conference Hall. Mr. S R Suryawanshi, ED (Works), Mr. P K Satapathy, ED (P&A) and Mr. A K Behuria, CGM In charge (F&A) were also present on the occasion. The interactive session was attended by 30 employees of Steel Melting Shop-2 department..
Encouraging the SMS-II collective to further raise their performance, the DIC said, “SMS-II has set many national benchmarks in the past. It does have the potential to script new records and I am sure that the department will recreate the success stories to lead the plant to glory.” The DIC emphasized upon effective maintenance and proper inspection for better equipment health and elimination of breakdowns. “With the hot metal production from the Blast Furnaces consistently rising, SMS-II must gear up to ensure conversion of the increased Hot Metal to Crude Steel and you as the frontline employees have a key role to play.” He also stressed on further reducing cost of production, enhancing safety and ensuring good housekeeping. “The expectations are big from SMS-II with highly enthusiastic quality manpower and their innate strength of finding solutions through innovative means,” he added. While interacting with the employees, the DIC also touched upon varied issues ranging from increasing operational efficiency of the unit to enhancing skill level of outsourced employees and from different employee welfare measures inside the Steel Plant to improved amenities in the Steel Township.
Mr. Suryawanshi urged the employees to take the advantage of the Quality Circle Concept to find innovative solutions to problems which will be beneficial for both the department and the plant. Mr. P K Satapathy in his address advised the collective to sensitise the contract labour working on the shop floor about safety and help them upgrade their skill levels. Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Behuria stressed on further improving the techno-economics and emphasized upon judicious use of expensive additive alloys which will help in reducing the cost of production.
The session witnessed active participation of the employees who spoke on different issues pertaining to their areas of work. Mr. Sasanka Pattanaik, Assistant Manager (PR) coordinated the programme. It is noteworthy that the HR exercise ‘Lakshya-The target’ was launched in April under the guidance of the DIC to provide a platform to the frontline employees of the Steel Plant to share their thoughts, ideas and suggestions on how the safety and productivity can be further improved while keeping employees motivated.

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