Friday, March 24, 2023

Medical treatment going on after interference by journalists

Ganjam : It is nevertheless to say that both central govt. and state govt. have extended their helping hands for the welfare of the helpless public but it is a matter of regret that the public are faraway from the public welfare schemes in case of food, clothing, shelter and health issues due to their ignorance and the autocracy of the implementing officers/employees concerned. The misery of Deaf and Dumb Subash Pradhan of village KANIARY under Kabisuryanagar block is the brunt example of such deprivation of government beneficiary schemes. Subash Pradhan s/o Dandapani of KANIARY village. The old aged father who used to manage their fooding by doing physical labour at the age of 74 in new looking after his ailing deaf and dumb son Subash (47) in MKCG MC Hospital bed no 549 Orthopaedic dept. From Sources it came to the notice of the social worker and reporter Lalatendu Choudhury, Binod Pattnaik and Madhusudan Sahu that Subash is under treatment being fractured his right leg joint who needs better treatment. The reporters consulted with the doctor team and brought the plight of Subash. Dr Soubhagya Mishra assured to do the surgery and help the ailing Subhash who has neither Rasan Card nor Govt Health Card. The administration should look into the matter seriously.

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