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“World Diabetes Day” is a global awareness campaign focusing on diabetes mellitus and is held on 14th November every year. At present prevalence rate in India is 8%. That means one in every twelve Indian is having diabetes or pre-diabetes.

‘World Diabetes Day’ provides an opportunity to raise awareness of diabetes as a global public health issue and what needs to be done, collectively and individually, for better prevention, diagnosis and management of the conditions.

On the occasion of World Diabetes Day, programme was organised in JLN Hospital & RC BHILAI, to create awareness about the preventive aspects of diabetes milletus and also ways to effectively manage diabetes milletus by following regular treatment. The programme was designed to educate general public about the importance of Diet, Exercise and Drugs in prevention and management of diabetes.

Shri Anirban Dasgupta , Director In-charge Bhilai Steel Plant inaugurated the day-long activities in JLNHH&RC, Sector 9, Bhilai on 14th Nov. 2022. A Walkathon was organized in the premises of Sector 9 Hospital to create awareness about physical exercise. The Senior management of BSP and staff of JLNH&RC participated in the walkathon.
The Director In-charge also inaugurated an exhibition consisting of Poster display highlighting the theme of the World Diabetes Day, which is “Education to protect tomorrow”. The posters were developed by the Nursing Students and Hospital Staff. A display of various conventional healthy food items was done by the Dietetic Section of hospital to impart knowledge about balanced diet and also the diet that a person having diabetes milletus can partake to maintain a control over diabetes.
A quiz session was conducted by Dr. Pramod Binayake (CMO) and the enthusiastic public had actively participated in the question answer session. Students from PG Collage of Nursing highlighted the importance of testing, drugs and regular treatment to have a healthy life with diabetes through presentation of a skit. An awareness programme was also organized in the National Occupational Health Service Centre (NOHSC) and Main Medical Post inside the Bhilai Steel Plant to highlight the preventive and curative aspect of Diabetes Milletus.
The occasion was graced by the Higher management of BSP viz., Mr Anjani Kumar (ED-Works), Mr Tapan Suthradhar (ED-Mines), Mr M M Gadre (ED P&A), Dr Ashok Panda (ED F&A), Mr A K Charavorthy (ED MM) and Dr Ravindranath M, to show solidarity and support to the efforts of the Medical Dept. for spreading the message and imparting knowledge about diabetes milletus.

The General Medicine Dept. led by Dr Pramod Binayake and Dr Sourav Mukherjee organized the event successfully. Senior Doctors & Officers of the Medical Dept., Nursing Staff, Technicians, DNB Doctors, Officers of L&A and Personnel Dept. actively participated on the occasion.

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