Tuesday, June 25, 2024

First Copy of the Book “Love Ripples” Presented to Hon’ble President of India

The first copy of the book “Love Ripples” (2022) was presented to Her Excellency Draupadi Murmu, Hon’ble President of India, at Raj Bhavan, Odisha on 11 Nov, 2022.
“Love Ripples” is the English translation of the Odia Book “Prema Taranga” (2018) on the celestial Radha-Krishna love by Dr. Pradeep Kumar Choudhury. Often clubbed within the ambit of the ‘Spiritual Literature’ genre, the Hindi version of the book was brought out in 2019. Presently, it has been translated into English by Dr. Nishamani Kar with an ‘Overview’ by His Excellency Prof. Ganeshi Lal and published by Athena Books, Bhubaneswar.
The poems in the above collection rejoice with the love-ordained God-consciousness and strive to lend the touch of divinity unfolding from body to mind, from mind to heart, and from the heart to soul. Through purging bodily desires and purifying the profaneness of mind and spirit, the scope for illumination of the mind elicits a state of ecstasy, a sense of bliss. It leaves an indelible impression in literature, especially in revered canonical writing.

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