Tuesday, June 25, 2024

How a steno remains in charge of Executive Officer of Jeypore Municipality ?

Buruea Head ( PKB): The executive officer of Jeypore municipality in Koraput District is on leave owing to some health issues. But the steno was entrusted with the responsibility of handling the affairs of Jeypore municipality appears to be unacceptable as being alledgely stated by many. The Municipality Engineer ( ME) in charge or junior Engineers serving the said Urban Local Body are said to have been more qualified than the steno. The responsibility of organising the affairs of Jeypore municipality Koraput District in charge of a steno remains inadmissible and unacceptable. Earlier there was allegation against the steno of Jeypore municipality who has been reprimanded by the then officers but trusting a steno and not to the Municipality Engineer or junior Engineer is said to be unacceptable. The steno of Jeypore municipality is the head clerk, sanitation in charge and steno himself whose post is non local fund service. There was earlier allegation against the concerned steno of Jeypore municipality following which investigation is going on. So lending the charge of Jeypore municipality to the hands of a steno is allegedly reported to have raised not only by the local people but also by the Municipality Staff members keeping their identity hidden. The government of Odisha under Naveen Patnaik has always brought transpancy in the execution of different affairs of the state but here at Jeypore subdivision of Koraput District in Jeypore Municipality this handing of charges of responsibility by a steno is severely protested. The district administration must issue a notice to this effect for the welfare of Jeypore municipality as to why a steno remains in charge of Jeypore municipality.

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