Monday, May 13, 2024

Transfer Order of City Mission Manager of Jeypore Municipality is genuine

Buruea Head (PKB): Govt of Odisha under the leadership of Naveen Patnaik whenever taken or takes a decision to trasfer any staff member of either ULB or any Govt organization has always proven to be productive and effective towards the development of the particular area. This is greatly felt by the general people of our community. There should not be any political intervention in the order of trasfer of the govt. After collecting huge amount of information about the worthiness and productivity of a Staff member, the government takes a judicious decision of exercising the transfer order. That needs to be appreciated. This is actually praised. When a district magistrate of a particular district receives the transfer Order, he or she gladly accepts it without raising any voice irrespective of people love him or dislike him The Collector of the concerned district must be proactive to execute the order of the Govt in connection with the transfer Order.The district administration should not be affected by the false demand of any local body. Usually a transfer Order comes, when it is due or there is allegation.
Recently the transfer Order of City Mission Manager of Jeypore Municipality, Koraput District was reported to have been appreciated by the local people across Jeypore but it was known that the Collector Koraput District is being appealed to stop it. This is not a good reflection of healthy democracy. This needs to be executed for the welfare of the place as being felt by huge population of the Municipality.

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