Sunday, May 19, 2024

A friendly cricket match to be held for displaying solidarity

Buruea Head (PKB): There is no second opinion that the organisation of any sports event brings unprecedented amount of brotherhood and emotional intimacy among the participants irrespective of their caste, creed and religion. The CM of Odisha Naveen Patnaik has always driven himself to organise sports event not only to popularise his leadership but also to garner support from the general people. Sports and games , once the father of nation Mahatma Gandhi categorically stated that they usher in a dynamic role in the better administration of our beloved country. Sports and games occupy a great and prestigious position in our academic curriculum. Everyone was, is and shall be a player during academic pursuits. Our Municipality has initiated a great deal of efforts for organizing sports event among the people belonging to the field of advocacy, Municipality, journalism and other related services. The friendly cricket match would be played in the Dussehra ground on 2nd December as per the scheduled information. We took the interview of one of the players in the field of journalism Mr Tarun Kumar Mahapatra who stated ” Jeypore is a very old town where many people of different castes, creeds and sex live together, we plan to organise sports and games specialy for the welfare and development of our society for being united together” Jeypore is a wonderful place for everyone whosoever comes here bears a good and excellent impression over this place. The people of Jeypore love this place, they sacrifice a lot, undertake works by getting themselves involved in a galaxy of activities. Everyone has been waiting to watch the friendly cricket match at Dusshera ground of Jeypore municipality in Koraput District without closing their eyelids.

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