Friday, May 17, 2024

Science, Flower, Plant and Food Exhibition

Bureau Chief ( PKB): The most disciplined students of Saraswat Bal Mandir along with the dedication of the staff and teaching fraternity of this temple of learning on Sunday morning made a remarkable display of their talents by the successful organization of not only the usual science exhibition but also the food, flower and plants displayed by the students that invited the attraction of many from the micro world of Jeypore town in Koraput District of odisha. The heart touching explanation of the students in connection with their own indigenously made projects brought cheers to the invited guests and audience. There was huge participation of students who made the ambience of this temple of learning a healthy academic ground filled with enthusiasm and passion. Love towards plants, tremendous amount of affection for food and superior degree of interest in flowers exhibition by the small children inside the school premises made the school management members feel proud of their future generation of the developing India. As it is said “To see is to believe” , exactly the reflection of the amount of dedication of the students in explaining their own indigenous projects created a noble vision of the school. The chairman of the school Mr.Niranjan Panigrahi joining the occasion explained ” we are extremely proud of our students and the timely cooperation of their parents in order to create the huge benefits of exhibitions of our school”.

Government of odisha across the state sponcer huge amount of financial supports for the welfare of the students in different exhibitions. Similarly, the private schools that organise these types of exhibitions need to be extended a supportive and helpful gesture by the administrative officers of the government. This would definitely generate more academic fertility to the state. While addressing to the media, a prominent member of the Saraswat Bal Mandir Anup Kumar Samantray ” We are happy to find the cooperation of all the parents of the school, whenever required, we get our parents not only involved in any organisation of the events but also watch them participate with devotion.”

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