Sunday, May 19, 2024

Transport Officers be Vigilant about the Vehicles running without fitness and registration : These vehicles cause loss of precious lives

Buruea Head ( PKB): There are severe charges of criticism upon the carelessness of the transport department. Thousand of heavy vehicles are reported to be running on the road without fitness permission. This is a dreaded situation following which accidents are a common occurrence. At the same time, these vehicles create nuisance on the roads. One person named Nirmal Kumar Dey of Ambaguda died being run over by a truck without fitness permission on 15/12/22 just adjunct to airstrip Jeypore, in Koraput Odisha.There was huge protect against the carelessness of the RTO office Koraput as to why the concerned authorities are not initiating heavy needful action against the ill-intention of the defaulters on the road. In addition to this frequency of happenings, the encrochment besides the NH Road by Parking heavy vehicles for about months together is another factor responsible for the tragic accidents of deaths. Even temporary stalls besides the NH Road is a matter of concern as these reduce the actual size of the roads. After the news about the untimely tragic death of Mr.Nirmal Ku Dey caused by road accident in the NH 326 near airstrip Jeypore spread, there was not only severe outrageous situation took place but also criticism uttered to both NH326 authorities and RTO office Koraput. These sensitive issues are to be taken care of seriously. Koraput RTO Mr. Manash Mishra while expressing grief has stated that the defaulters would be taken to task seriously. We have asked the transport commissioner Anun Bothra for the provision of traffic inspectors for Malkangiri and Koraput District as emphatically stated by RTO Mishra.

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