Tuesday, June 25, 2024

In-house developed Dandelion Fountain enhances aesthetics of Raw Materials Handling Plant of SAIL, RSP

Rourkela : The creative employees of Raw Materials Handling Plant (RMHP) of SAIL, Rourkela Steel Plant (RSP) have developed a beautiful Dandelion Fountain in front of the Main Building to add to the aesthetics of the unit. The beautifully crafted fountain has been designed, fabricated and erected in-house by the group of employees of the department. It has been further decorated by fabricating a lotus flower around its container. The petals so designed to prevent the spillage of water outside the container. The water collected in the container is being recycled. The specialty of the spray nozzles is that they throw the water sideways in such a way that during the operation the total fountain looks like a ball similar to ‘Dandelion’ flower.
It is noteworthy that RMHP uses Dry Fog Dust Suppression Systems to check the dust generated during handling of different raw materials. The collective has given an artistic touch to the dust suppression sprays to develop the Dandelion Fountain. Notably, the cost of the spray portion alone of a Dandelion Fountain costs around Rs. 1.75-2.0 Lakhs. The team associated with the job took up the challenge of developing such a fountain with the use of unused items of the unit. Some of the parts, scraps such as Coal Ball Mill Roller and other discarded items have also been used.
It is noteworthy that water sprays have been placed at many places in RMHP to curb dusts. However, to avoid wastage of water, the spray water is being used to feed the side lawns and other gardens in the department.
The team associated with the job included Mr. K C Baral, SOST, Mr. P C Patra, MOMT, Mr. D K Patel, MOMT, Mr. M R Panda, MOMT, Mr. Birghantia, SOST and Mr. D Mahato, OCT and was led by Mr. Sujit Bhanjdeo, Senior Manager, RMHP.

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