Friday, March 24, 2023

Seventh (7th )PusPuni Festival Celebrated With Colourful Cultural Program With Sambalpuri Food

New Delhi : After the Nuakha Bhetghat , the Second Harvesting Festival of Western Odisha called “PusPuni utsav Celebrated in Delhi ,yesterday (Sunday )Organized by Puspuni, Delhi Near the Swiming Pool of A. I. I. M. S.Campus, New Delhi With great enthusiasm. In this occasion Odassi dance and various Sambalpuri dance by the Students of Cultural dance and Musical Accedamy was Performed in the presence of dance Guru Srimant kumar Mishra. The Main attraction of the PusPuni was serving Home Made Snaks like Manda Pitha,Kakara, Dahi Bada, Pokoda and some other items. The PusPuni Organizer also Prepared Sambalpuri Khana (Lunch) with Various dishes Which included both vegetarian as well as NonVegetarian, which was the major attraction for the Visitors. Various Games and Some other activities, Programmes were also arranged by the Organizer which were enjoyed and appreciated by the Guests.A colourful Souvenir was also released on the occasion.Approximately two hundred visitors along With their family members who are Staying in Delhi/ NCR attended this Festival and enjoyed the beautiful Cultural Programme and Sambalpuri khana and Snaks. Mr. Vimal Panda anchored the entire stage Programme.The entire arrangements were Smoothly executed and Managed Mr Gopal Mishra,Sri Bimal Panda, Pravakar Meher, Arjun sahu, Purnendu Hota, Manas Ranjan Meher, organized this Festival With Support from Mrs Susmita Panda, Sunita Mehera, Sabita Sahu, Ananddini Hota, Ispita Mishra, and Jhumi Mishra. Among others those Who attended in this Festival were Sri Ashok Panda, the Senior Advocate of Supreme Court, Sri Sarat Nanda, Advocate, Mr, Abani Kumar Sahu, Sr. Advocate of Supreme Court, Dr. Pradeep Kumar Debata,Senior Paediatrician (Children Specialist )Dr. H. N. Mallik, Dr. B. K. Behera the C. M. O. Of N. T. P. C, Mr. H. K. Behera former G. M. Union Bank, Dr. Bhavani Dikhit, Gajendra Sahu, Bijayananda Naik, Dr. Sandhya Rani, Sameer Mehar Dance Guru,Sharada Hota, Rajashree Mishra, Sriya Panda, Sambrudhi panda,Manas Padhi,and Others attended and enjoyed the PusPuni utsav, which was not celebrated since last 2 years due to Various restriction of Covid -19.Lastly, vote of thanks was given by Smt Susmita Panda.

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