Home Nation Encroachment besides NH326 causes accidents: Administration sleeps with Melatonin

Encroachment besides NH326 causes accidents: Administration sleeps with Melatonin

Encroachment besides NH326 causes accidents: Administration sleeps with Melatonin

Bureau Head(PKB): Jeypore in koraput district of odisha is notoriously famous for the illegal encroachment here, there and everywhere. The encroachment around the historical Jagarnath Sagar is so deep rooted that the local administration utterly fails to make eviction. The encroachment besides the NH326 passing through jeypore has been the reason for the occurrence of many accidents. There is a severe allegation of the general people that there is one or two accidents everyday because of the congested traffic and narrowness of the NH326 from Gandhi Chowk to Bariniput towards Koraput and also from Town Police station to jeypore Railway Station square towards Nabarangpur. Hardly a month back, one person died in a road accident being run over by a truck just adjacent to NH office.
The administration knows very well about the road accidents owing to encroachment besides the road. Our correspondent drew the attention of executive officer, Jeypore municipality, Tahasildar, jeypore and also Executive Engineer, NHAI placing the demand of the people for eviction. But, unfortunately there has not been any appreciable move being undertaken so far. The general people including many social organizations demand for the eviction of the encroachments besides the roads. Last year, there was a joint operation by Tahasildar, jeypore and Executive officer, jeypore municipality with the support of local police personnel.It was just tip of the iceberg.
While asking the opinions of some general people of jeypore about encroachment, one of the renowned social activists Mr. Krushna Kesaba Sadangi stated ” The enforcement authorities of jeypore are under the grip and control of the local political leaders as a result they take no action for making eviction of the encroachments. ” The real development of jeypore has been suffering owing to these noticeable illegal encroachments. Day by day, Govt lands are so profusely encroached that leads to not only traffic issues but also favorably creates a healthy vote bank for the local leaders. The govt. Lands are also getting squeezed by the callousness of the local administration, boldly Mr. Sadangi reacted.
Administration must make necessary provision of separate place for the garage owners, street vendors as stated by Mr. Debadutta Mahapatra, an environmentalist.
The encroachments besides the Ranchi-Vijayawada High way from Brahmanigaon to Gandhi Chowk are also inviting road accidents which is overlooked by the NH authority. The executive engineer, NH, Mr. Kandhapan expressed his concerns for the encroachments and stated ” Our job is to prepare roads but administration needs to take steps for eviction” ” I shall put a proposal for making four-lane from Gandhi Chowk to Bariniput and Town Police Station to Railway station square, Mr. Kandhapan added.


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