Friday, June 21, 2024

People of Jeypore be grateful to CM if Jagarnath Sagar, KV and VD College University status taken for concretization

Bureau Head( PKB) : The Chief Minister of odisha Naveen Patnaik is scheduled to have a visit to the platinum Jublee Celebration of VD College Jeypore in koraput district. The general people learning the program of CM at VD college are known to have kept lots of hope and aspirations. The most important issue of the transformation of Jagarnath Sagar was a topic of wide-ranging discussion in the entire township. Some Senior citizens do anticipate that the CM Naveen Ji would consider the negligence of Jagarnath Sagar. As it is well known that Jagarnath Sagar is the second largest pond of odisha. This historical Sagar is going to lose its identity if not taken care of. There are huge degree of encroachment all around the sagar. The people of Jeypore are emotionally connected with this historical Sagar. They have given thousands of representations for its rebirth. The visit of Chief Secretary of odisha was seen as a positive sign of improvement some months back but no declaration about the transformation of Jagarnath Sagar so far has made the general people of Jeypore disgusted and depressed. It is also reported that many do appeal time and over again to have a positive consideration of the Sagar for its rebirth by govt of odisha. Thus, if CM Naveen Patnaik declares some huge amount for the rebirth of the Sagar, it would be a tourist hub generating great deal of revenues to the district administration. Everyone is equally hopeful that beloved CM of odisha would declare the VD college to have a full fledged university status. The long pending demand of Kendriya Vidyalaya as neglected by Central leadership be communicated to CM Naveen Patnaik during his visit as being stated by many

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