Sunday, June 23, 2024

Utter Negligence in the name of Three-phase electric Pole eraction: Big holes cause dangers to man and animals

Bureau Head: (NF Times): The carelessness of TPSODL is widely visible in a residential area of Jeypore in koraput district of odisha owing to a proposed program for three-phase electric pole eraction. There are some big holes being dug in the residential area of ward no21 located in front of glocal hospital at Jeypore for pole eraction. Some big holes left uncared for since last many days are known to have grown the resentment of the general public of the hanuman colony.
There is a project work of providing three-phase electricity but without pole eraction in some of the big holes being dug by the company cause not only inconvenience to the local inhabitants but also make the movement of different cows risky. We called the DM, koraput for informing him regarding the utter negligence of the company but his mobile was found to be unreachable. Then, the executive engineer of jeypore Er. Varun Choudhary was asked about the reason for the carelessness. He replied ” It is a project work, i shall inform the concerned contractor to complete at the earliest ” if any type of accidents take place due to the big holes, the people of the locality would go for lodging an FIR against the person concerned as being stated.

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