Home Nation Infrastructure is key to development: Chief Minister, Naveen Patnaik at Jeypore

Infrastructure is key to development: Chief Minister, Naveen Patnaik at Jeypore

Infrastructure is key to development: Chief Minister, Naveen Patnaik at Jeypore

Joined as Chief Guest at Platinum Jublee function of VD College

Bureau Head( PKB): “Are you happy with Vikram Ved College becoming an affiliated University? Chief Minister, Naveen Patnaik asked it to the huge gathering of Students while addressing the community during the platinum Jublee celebration of the college. I am also happy as you all are happy ” This was the signature dialogue of Naveen Patnaik wherever he goes. Joining as a Chief Guest, Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik announced it from the stage of VD University on friday that created an euphoria of joys, Pleasure and excitement among the students.
On Thursday, the formal declaration of VD college as an affiliated University came from his residence. Today as soon as he declared the approval of Vikram Dev University, there were huge cheers and gratitude being seen emanating from the audience gallery.

Around 11.30 am as the beloved Chief Minister came to the main stage of the platinum Jublee Celebration , the large audience of students, staffs, SHG ladies, general public including party workers and alumni members of VD University created hues and cries of joy, excitement and rapture. The Chief Guest Naveen Patnaik while addressing the vast gathering highlighted the establishment of an auditorium worth eight crores with one thousand sitting capacity. The 5T secretary and Private Secretary to CM made an announcement of the auditorium clearly. I have faith and confidence upon the students who would not only study well but also participate in the developmental activities of the state as being stated by Mr. Patnaik. On this occasion, two SHGs were given a cheque of fifteen thousand each. In next five years, fifty crores would be sanctioned towards the free interest loans of SHGs, the CM told. The SHGs are doing marvellous jobs, the Chief Guest stated.
On this occasion, the alumni association members like Kuni Adhikari, Siddhartha Panigrahi, Kali Patnaik, Bulu Dev sharma, Kartika Rout, Debendra Barinipati, Bapi Parida and many others felicitated the CM on the stage.

SC and ST minister Jagarnath Saraka, Higher Education Minister Rohit Pujari, MLA, Jeypore Taraprasad Barinipati, Koraput MLA Raghuram Padal, Sasmita Meleka, Chairperson, Zilla Parisad, Koraput, Chandrasekhar Majhi, SDC were present on the dias. On this occasion, the Chief Minister inaugurated 113 developmental projects worth 1596 crores for Water, sanitation, Agriculture, Health, education and Ecotourism.


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