Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Press Meeting of Jeypore Press Club

Bureau Head (PKB 6/2/23): There is allegation against some members of Jeypore Press club who are notoriously creating disturbances in order to dismantle the unity existing in the press club. This can not be tolerated as vehemently stated by the newly elected President of the press club Mr. Paban Kumar Panigrahi.
Jeypore Press Club as being categorically stated by many has obtained the rare distinction of extending the required cooperation in not only the progress and development of Jeypore but also nurtured the ideology of “United we stand and divided we fall”.
There was an executive meeting of the press club on monday where the ex- President Satyanarayan Patnaik, a noted journalist of The Times of India, stressed the need for the united progress of Jeypore. Under his presidentship, an election for the new office bearers of Jeypore press club was conducted. Mr. Paban ku Panigrahi as President and Mr. Rasmiranjan Rath as Vice-president were unanimously elected. Mr. Suresh Kumar Naidu as General Secretary and Mr. Padmanav Hota as joint Secretary selected. The members present on the executive body meeting elected Mr. Tarun Kumar Mahapatra as treasurer. Mr. Bhaskar Rao and Mr. Subash Dash were chosen for holding the post of advisors. Mr. Satyanarayan Patnaik and Mr. Rabi Nayak were unanimously elected to be the members of Working executive members of Jeypore Press Club.Those who are creating the role of being serpent in the bush would be driven out of the Club as being stated by the newly President Mr. Paban ku Panigrahi.
It is to be mentioned here that Jeypore Press club played a pioneering role in the development of Jeypore. This is a press club which stands for the overall development of Jeypore as being felt by many intellectuals and citizens of Jeypore in koraput district of Odisha.

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