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Jagarnath Mishra died at 102 making a record

Bureau Head (PKB ) : A sacred personality and a popular Samaritan called Jagarnath Mishra breathed his last at 102 years creating a record in gunupur of Rayagada district of odisha.Mr.Mishra who died in the morning on Wednesday was an inspector in odisha police dept and received the accolades of being the most honest and distinguished police officer of his time . His demise brought a greater amount of emotional feelings in the entire Gunupur township.

Speaking to our Additional General Manager(AGM) Mr. Prasanta ku Bishoyi, the daughter of Mr. Jagarnath Mishra Mrs Arati Mishra stated that my father, Jagarnath Mishra never did undertake any corruption throughout his career in police Dept and was always dedicated for the services of the poor and downtrodden people of our society.
His dead body was taken from Gunupur to Puri Swargadwar where his last rituals were conducted as being stated by the family members like Mr. Rinku Dash, Mrs. Rinky Panigrahi and Kalia Dash.

After learning the death of Jagarnath Mishra, his another daughter Mrs Sarojbala Ratha, a resident of Gunupur who took all the pains in looking after her stated ” My father was an honest officer who took enormous amount of efforts not only in the proper nourishment of his daughters but injected the values and ethics of our culture and tradition within us ” My father contributed a lot towards the development of Gunupur which would be inscribed in golden terms, She added.
After learning the permanent departure of Mr. Jagarnath Mishra at 102 years, the citizens committee of Gunupur felt that ” His name was Jagarnath and his last pious journey into the Puri Swargadwar of Lord Jagarnath was holding the significance of his great deeds to society ” His son in law Mr. Niranjan Dash expressed his deep condolences upon the demise of Jagarnath Mishra. He stated” My father in law can never die, rather he would be a radiant Star in the spiritual horizon of Gunupur in Rayagada district of odisha

The daughters of Jagarnath Mishra, MrsBharati Mishra,Mrs Mahalaxmi Mishra recollected the contributed services of their late father. Arati Mishra and Minakhi Mishra told our corresponding officers ” Our father was a noble man having contributions to society ”
Among the daughters, Mrs Sarojbala Ratha paid special attention looking after the last stage of Jagarnath Mishra

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