Sunday, May 19, 2024

ASCI and Futurebrands launch ‘Wielding Influence, Nurturing Trust’ study at the #GetItRight Brand Influencer Summit

Bhubaneswar : The Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI), in partnership with Futurebrands, unveiled the ‘Wielding Influence, Nurturing Trust’ report at the #GetItRight ASCI Brand Influencer Summit 2023 in Mumbai on Monday. The report discusses the best ways for influencers to build lasting relationships with consumers so that influencer-led brand growth is equitable and profitable for all stakeholders.
The study brings together multiple perspectives that offer new insights into how influencers and brands can foster a culture in which they are genuine in their communication and build enduring engagement with consumers. The report highlights an opportunity for influencers to be engaged at earlier stages as stakeholders in the communication process. It also identifies 6 major influencer archetypes that allow for a more meaningful way to look at influencers than merely their followers or category affiliations. At a time when the creator movement is gaining significant momentum, the report provides a new paradigm of “informed trust” that allows for a ‘Trust Trinity’ that shapes effective production and consumption of content built on a foundation of authenticity and transparency. The study asserts that trust between consumers and influencers is the core of the relationship, and that it’s not a one-time event but a long-term process.
The summit saw a keynote address by Shri Rohit Kumar Singh, Secretary, Ministry of Consumer Affairs. It hosted top influencers such as trans icon and influencer Sushant Divgikar (aka Rani); Masoom Minawala, a global Indian fashion icon; Kamiya Jani, digital creator and cultural ambassador for India; food writer and actor Kunal Vijaykar, Viraj Ghelani, a digital content creator; Anushka Rathod, a young finfluencer and India’s first skin-positive influencer Prableen Kaur.
Renowned comedian, actor and musician, Vir Das enthralled the audience with his unique satirical one liners during an engaging fireside chat with journalist Anuradha Sengupta. The other sessions were anchored by prominent experts such as Mukta Lad, Parul Ohri and Subhash Kamath. The summit ended on a high note with participants mesmerised by the soulful music of Ankur Tewari in a special performance by Coke Studio Bharat.
Manisha Kapoor, CEO and Secretary General, ASCI, said “Besides laying down guidelines to protect consumers, ASCI is also committed to help the advertising ecosystem GetItRight, the study and the summit are a step in that direction. Influencers are brilliant, diverse minds that offer a new version of advertising that is excitingly different. Their content has led to connections with audiences in a way never seen before. It is important that trust, authenticity and transparency be the foundation for a sustainable creator economy, with consumer interest at the very core.”

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