Tuesday, June 25, 2024

NH 326 passing through Jeypore always appears hungry for a precious life

Prasanta Ku Bishoyi (AGM, NF Times ) : Road accident has gone so common in India that every year around five lakhs people lose their lives. The violation of traffic rules top the list as a reason of major road accidents. The next immediate factor found accountable for road mishap is not violation but owing to the mismanagement either by the administration or by the negligence of NH authority. Such a regular occurance of road accident is commonly found in NH 326 stretching from VD University upto railway station square of Jeypore in koraput district of Odisha. The NH from Laxmi panda square to railway station, Jeypore appears like Pradhan Mantri sadak Jojana road of a village This narrowness of NH326 has been brought to the attention of NH authority many times but no move yet to be seen being undertaken is not only unfortunate but speaks largely about the lack of foresightedness on the part of administration.

Ironically, every month just behind the NH office Jeypore, there is invariably an accident that either kills a precious life. or gets the injured crippled. Parents carrying their children to schools located besides this stretch of NH326 meet with accidents following which there is traffic jam so often. The authority concerned needs to drive away the illegal encroachment along with widening the road of this stretch of NH so as to avert this nasty occurance. While speaking to our correspondent, Tapas Panda, a youth leader of BJD and a social activist told that this stretch of NH326 from Laxmi panda square to Jeypore station Chowk is the most horrible. Every day, i happen to observe an accident on this way which would be demanded for immediate widening, Mr Panda reacted heavily. If further neglected, a memorandum’ to Union surface transport minister Nitin Gadkari be submitted for immediate redressal.

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