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An assembly of more than twenty thousand Jadabs got together at Jeypore : Demanded their rights before CM, Odisha

Jeypore (Prasanta Bishoyi ,AGM, NF Times) : The jadab association of Koraput district demanded special attention towards the fulfillment of their rights as they unitedly felt being neglected by the state. The 7th charter of demands were discussed in the meeting held at the stadium ground of Jeypore in koraput district on 16th april 2023. A vast assembly of Jadabs got together at powerhouse square of Jeypore subdivision in koraput district and went in procession to the stadium ground where the meeting was held. The president of jadab association Mr. Madan Mohan Nayak and the Secretary, Mr Rajendra Ku Gouda took the lead of organising the event.
Joining on the occasion, the jadabs across undivided koraput district pressed the need for the redressal of their demands. Speaking to our correspondent, Mr. Rajendra Gouda, the Secretary of Gouda and Jadab association told that more than twenty thousands of Jadabs assembled with my call and we discussed a variety of issues related to our demands. We invited the Mayor of Bhubaneswar Sulochana Das who attended the meeting as a special guest, Mr. Gouda told.

As per the information received, there were seven important demands being kept for legitimate consideration by the honorable Chief Minister of odisha. The Chief Guest Mrs Sulochana Das highlighted that there were 22 percentage of Jadabs living across koraput district and the formation of a separate council for the redressal of our demands was undisputedly the need of the hour, She said.We would submit our demands before the Chief Minister and I am sure Naveen Sir would definitely look into the fulfillment of our demands.
The prominent demands discussed in the meeting that would be submitted to the Chief Minister of Odisha are 1) We constitute 22 percentage of our population in koraput district 2) We are more neglected than the scheduled castes and tribes. 3) We have been included under 208 caste category as a result we are not getting the due privileges and benefits as claimed by many of our people 4) We have no representatives either in Indian Parliament nor in the state assembly following which our demands are not taken up 5) There is no chairman or Member of the Panchayat samit or Zilla Parisad 6) Our voice is not raised in the proper platform 7) Feeling neglected, we assembled at Jeypore to demand a various issues like the status of Girijan, provision of lands with putta, the eviction of our encroaching areas, separate schools for the children of our community, the state omfed needs to be entrusted to our responsibility and one Rajya sabha seat for our community to be considered.
The meeting was attended by such a vast majority of Jadabs that the vibration of their voices recited across the little township of Jeypore subdivision in koraput district.

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