Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Parents demand for one more government college at Jeypore : Unable to pay heavy fees of Private Colleges.

Bureau Head(PKB): There are only two government colleges established at Jeypore subdivision of Koraput district academically functioning to cater to the needs of a vast chunk of students. These two colleges are VD college and women’s college, Jeypore that have limited seat strength following which thousands get deprived of admission or joining for higher studies.
As thousands of students usually get through examinations every year, so they depend on these two colleges for their admissions. Most of the students of the local areas are not getting admission at either VD College or women’s college on the basis of stiff competition of merits, as a results, the parents are enforced to send their children to places like Baipariguda, kundura or koraput which are around twenty two kms from Jeypore.

While speaking to our correspondent, many parents appeal before the Chief Minister, Naveen Patnaik for sanctioning another Junior government College to Jeypore. According to Mrs Priya Dash, an employee working at an NGO, said ” The population of students have been increasing since last couple of years even by the students influx into Jeypore, so these two colleges are unable to fullfill the dreams of students to study in government colleges” Mrs Bandita Mishra, a house maker earnestly ask the BJD government for considering another government college set up for Jeypore as poor parents are not able to bear the heavy admission and tuition fees of the private colleges. According to the opinion of Mr. Laxminarayan Dash, the owner of skills development centres of southern Odisha and a prolific social activist of Jeypore demand for the opening of another junior government college for Jeypore. ” Most of the parents are satisfied with the teaching and learning process of government colleges, so it is imperative on the part of government of Odisha to seriously ponder over sanctioning another government junior college for Jeypore, Mr Laxminarayan vehemently appeals. He further said” Having studied technical education from a Govt Engg College, I have received huge benefits in my life, so now a days, there are huge craziness among the parents to send their children to government colleges. The VD and women’s college Jeypore are not adequate enough to make joining of all the passed out students, thus a New Government Junior College is the need of the hours for this thickly populated remote Jeypore in koraput district

It has been more than seventy years for VD college and more than thirty years for women’s college, Jeypore in its establishment serving this area. There have been huge growth of students population during these long years, so government of odisha needs to open another New Government Junior College for Jeypore as demanded by many intellectuals, social activists and parents.

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