Saturday, June 3, 2023

I am Your Mother – Jagarnath Sagar

Bureau Head (PKB) : While passing through the historical pond Jagarnath Sagar on Sunday morning, I came across Mr. Raghunatha standing at a corner of the largest water body of the state called “Jagarnath Sagar “and became fortunate enough to listen to his conversation with the pond.
Mr.Raghunatha : Do you know once you were Strong, Sound,Healthy and the people around used to get themselves reflected on your hygienic face?
The Sagar : Yes, I know the people earlier not only loved and kissed me on my face at the sunrise and sunset but currently, I am worried to detect the change of the expression of your friends and relatives.
Mr. Raghunatha : Is the transformation of the colours of our friends inflecting any injury to you?
The Sagar : Their duplicated and dubious attitudes along with crooked transformation have made me hospitalized in the dying bed without the attendance of the white nurses. My whole heart is filled with the emotions of agony finding the source of their income upon my exploitation. Would you kindly ask your friends to be soft, loyal and hugely honest just like my earlier friends who used to smile with me during my joys and shed tears with my sorrow?
Mr. Raghunatha : Aren’t you happy to watch your beloved ones growing so well financially?
The Sagar : Yes, catching fishes from my stomach, using my boundary, making plans and policy on my name, asking CM, PM and DM for revenues, not even leaving the neighbouring Public Sector Undertaking to sanction coins and currency for my injection and pills do really raise my hands to say “Namaskar ” to your friends. If possible ask your friends ” Not to give me duplicate medicines ” Pl. Listen ‘ I want to smile being happy and healthy once more. I am ready to give all my treasures to your friends if get discharged from my hospital bed with good recovery. Believe me, I am a devoted Mother to all of your friends, Can a Mother deceive her children? Don’t mind Raghu, I am getting emotional sometimes. You can go now. The doctors of Municipality had already come to give me pills and injection. Ok. Sorry, I couldn’t treat you a Cup of Tea. Pl. Visit again.
Mr. Raghunatha : Ok. Bye crying!

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