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Dengue cases cross 3000-mark in Odisha – N.F Times

Bhubaneswar: Dengue figure in Odisha has crossed the alarming 3,000 mark indicating the rapid spread of the vector-borne disease. As of 27th August, a total of 46,491 people have been tested in the state, out of which 3,096 people have been found positive for dengue.

Out of this, 1409 cases have been identified only from Khurda district. Similarly, 324 people from Puri, 278 people from Cuttack, 277 people from Balasore, 173 people from Jagatsinghpur, and 116 people from Nayagarh have been diagnosed with dengue.

Meanwhile, the state capital Bhubaneswar has become the hotspot of dengue spread. According to the state health department, 90% of the cases detected from Khurda district are from Bhubaneswar city.

Director of Public Health, Dr Niranjan Mishra said, “Only 5% of people are critical from dengue. Normally after dengue infection, the body’s platelets decrease. So, there is no need to worry about it.”

“Do not panic if anyone’s platelets count drops to 20,000 or below, there is still no need for blood transfusion, advised Dr Mishra.

In order to reduce the load on Capital Hospital in Bhubaneswar, in the first phase, 10 special beds have been arranged for dengue patients in 4 Urban CHCs. As Capital Hospital is overcrowded for testing, special arrangements have been made for dengue testing and separate testing counters have been set up.

Similarly, more manpower has been engaged in testing and treatment. In addition, sample testing has been started at Patia Urban CHC and IRC Village Urban PHC. People have been asked to go to these hospitals without crowding in one place, said Dr. Mishra.

Dr. Asim Mohanty, chief medical officer of Patia CHC, said, that since the dengue testing has been started here, the burden on Capital Hospital will be reduced. Local people can get the dengue test done here and get the report at the facility.

According to information, dengue is endemic in the state. Dengue continues to spread over the state despite warnings and awareness.

In 48 hours, 153 patients have been detected from the state. The daily number of patients is between 70 and 80. Last year, 20,595 samples were tested while 1,978 dengue cases were detected in the state.

This year, the number of dengue positives has increased significantly compared to last year, while the amount of testing has also doubled, according to the state health department.

The number of patients has increased due to the increased testing. The department is monitoring the districts of Khurda, Puri, Cuttack, Balasore etc. So far, not a single dengue patient has been detected in Boudh district, while the number is above 3 digits in 6 districts and the number is limited to 2 digits in the remaining 23 districts, the health department said.

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