Thursday, September 28, 2023

Youth Murdered Over Past Enmity In Ganjam – N.F Times

Berhampur: A youth was killed in Hardapadar village under Kotinda police station of Ganjam district due to previous enmity.

The victim, Sanjay Nayak (27), is a resident of Haradpadar village.

Sanjay had an argument with a young man named Suresh Dakua of the same village. Gradually, the tussle escalated. Suresh chased in broad daylight and killed him with a sharp weapon.

According to reports, the two groups have been at loggerheads for a long time over a pond in the village. Earlier, a group attacked Suresh in connection with the issue. After this incident, the local Tahsildar, BDO and Aska police jointly held a meeting in the village. The area was kept under police watch for a week to stop the conflict. But the situation did not calm down, which took an ugly turn today.

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