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Dress code at Puri Jagannath Temple: SJTA urges hotels to spread awareness among visitors – N.F Times

Puri: Ahead of the implementation of the ‘decent dress code’ for devotees at the Shree Jagannath Temple here from January 1, the temple administration has written to the Hotel & Restaurant Association of Puri for spreading awareness among visitors.

“As many visitors and devotees stay in hotels and guest houses which are the originating points before coming to the temple, we urge you to educate your staff, tourist guides and Yatri Pandas collaborating with you to spread awareness among the visitors in this regard. Be it noted that while such an awareness campaign will continue till the end of the year, the temple administration may take more stringent measures at all gates to ensure it in letter and spirit from the New Year,” the Shree Jagannath Temple Administration (SJTA) wrote in the letter.

“In the recently held Niti Sub-Committee Meeting of SJTA, it has been proposed to urge all devotees coming to visit the temple to come dressed in proper and decent attire. People coming in shorts, transparent & revealing dresses, torn & ragged jeans and other inappropriate costumes should be discouraged to continue with such practices. Although no illustrative list of dresses has been prescribed by the temple administration, we leave it to the conscience of devotees to wear decent and appropriate dresses like pant, shirts, chudidar-punjabi and dhoti etc. in case of men and sarees, salwar-kameej etc. in case of women,” the SJTA mentioned in the letter.

“The SJTA will introduce the dress code for devotees from January 1. Devotees flouting the dress code will not be allowed to enter the shrine. Pratihari servitors and Jagannath Temple Police Service personnel will be assigned the task to ensure the dress code for devotees,” said a source in the temple administration.

The Khuntia servitors of the temple had earlier urged the state government to make traditional clothes mandatory for devotees visiting the temple.

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