Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Lunar eclipse on October 29; check time, visibility and other details – N.F Times

Bhubaneswar: People around the world will witness a partial lunar eclipse on October 29, which will be the last eclipse in the year 2023.

The rare celestial event will take place just 14 days after the solar eclipse, which occurred on October 14. Hence, the month of October will see its second eclipse on October 29, i.e., early Sunday.

As per the official release from the Ministry of Science, the partial lunar eclipse will occur on October 29, 2023. The Moon will enter penumbra at midnight on October 28, the umbral phase will begin in the early hours of October 29. The duration of the eclipse will be 1 hour 19 minutes. The umbral phase will start at 01.05 AM on October 29 and end at 02.24 AM.

The eclipse will be visible in the Western Pacific Ocean, Australia, Asia, Europe, Africa, eastern South America, north–eastern North America, the Atlantic Ocean, the Indian Ocean, and the South Pacific Ocean, as per the PIB release.

However, the rare occurrence will mar the festive season on October 28.

As the eclipse will occur at midnight, the celebration of Kumar Purnima that falls on October 28 will be affected in Odisha.

According to astrologers, the cooking of food will be suspended from 04.04 PM on October 28. The rituals for Kumar Purnima can be performed before 4.00 PM on October 28.

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