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World Stroke Day 2023: Everything you need to know about this day – N.F Times

New Delhi: World Stroke Day is an annual global observance that serves as a critical reminder of the prevalence and impact of strokes on individuals and communities worldwide.

World Stroke Day will be celebrated globally on Sunday, October 29.

The theme for World Stroke Day 2023, as designated by WSO, is ‘Together we are #Greater Than Stroke.’

The European Stroke Initiative came up with the concept of organizing a day of awareness in the 1990s. But due to budgetary constraints, the endeavour could only be conducted in Europe. On May 10, the European Stroke Organization commemorates its awareness day, having carried out the initiative. The World Stroke Congress in Vancouver, Canada, in 2004 established World Stroke Day, which falls on October 29. Dr. Vladimir Hachinski led the formation of a working group, which in October 2006 became a World Stroke Proclamation. The World Stroke Organization, which assumed control of World Stroke Day, was formed at about the same time that the International Stroke Society and the World Stroke Federation combined.

In order to develop a more persistent strategy for raising public awareness of important issues in stroke recognition, prevention, and treatment, WSO leadership switched from concentrating on a single awareness day to a year-round campaign in 2009. With biennial themes that aim to raise awareness of important topics in stroke prevention and treatment, World Stroke Day continues to serve as a focal point for the campaign. Campaign “1 in 6” Archived 2010-10-28 at the Wayback Machine was the first campaign that the WSO started in 2010 and would include more in the future.

Anyone at any age can have a stroke. In fact, worldwide, about one in four adults over the age of 25 will have a stroke in their lifetime. However, the majority of adults in the United States are unaware of the F.A.S.T. warning signs, which indicate that stroke is mostly preventable, treatable and curable. By raising awareness of stroke risk factors and warning signs among the general public, healthcare professionals and communities, this finding will help reduce the number of stroke-related deaths and disabilities worldwide. It underscores the ongoing work to improve stroke prevention and treatment on a global scale by highlighting the need for improved access to stroke care, research and support networks.

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