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Japan Review: Karthi-starrer thriller movie hit the Telugu audience today; see fans’ reactions here – N.F Times

New Delhi: As Karthi’s 25th film, Japan has been met with great anticipation upon its Telugu and Tamil premiere. Karthi has established himself as a go-to actor for Kollywood’s most avant-garde narratives. On Friday, November 10th, his newest film Japan premiered in theatres. This film’s action-comedy thriller premise was helmed by Raju Murugan. The leading lady was portrayed by Anu Emmanuel.


Raju Murugan is the writer and director of the heist action-comedy film Japan, which is set to be released in India in 2023.

After Japan, a known master thief steals gems worth 200 crore from a jewellery shop, the police give pursuit to him and play a game of cat and mouse with him. Japan is a legendary master thief.


Karthi’s current film Japan, directed by Raju, follows the success of Ponniyin Selvan: II. It’s an action comedy about a skilled burglar who robs a jewellery store with gems worth Rs 200 crore. This causes the ethically ambiguous protagonist to engage in a thrilling manhunt with the upstanding police enforcement.

The buzz around the film Japan’s debut is encouraging. Twitter users are raving about how different Karthi looks and acts as a robber in the film from his prior films. Karthi’s comic timing is believed to be the major plus feature of the movie – Japan.

Many viewers anticipate Karthi’s breakout performance in this film. Director Raju Murugan apparently added romance to action and humour in his latest flick – Japan. According to internet users, the film Japan’s action scenes would blow them away.

Some Twitter users complained that the film’s weak first act was a dealbreaker for them. Time passed without anything happening, making the first half dull, but the filmmaker managed to spice things up for the second.

Some users on social media praised GV Prakash’s BGM, saying it gave the film energy. The score that Jeevee composed is credited as adding to the story’s emotional impact. Twitter users agree that Anu Emmanuel’s beauty is a plus for the film.

Both Karthi and Anu maintained an upbeat attitude throughout their performances.

The supporting cast includes Jithan Ramesh, KS Ravikumar, Sunil, and Bava Chelladurai so, also did justice to their roles. GV Prakash Kumar composed the score, while Philomin Raj edited, and Ravi Varman shot the film.

The trailer and teaser for the film have generated a great deal of buzz. People have great hopes for this film because of the success of Raju Murugan’s previous works.

After a great block of Karthi’s conversation, the film gets off to a great start with the character and heist setup in Japan. The comedic moments worked beautifully.

In general, it’s viewable throughout the festival period. It’s a movie that’s all about having a good time and entertaining people, and it’s packed with humour and action the whole way through. It was ready to go after the performers turned in outstanding performances, the background score was great, and the cinematography and colour grading were superb overall.

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