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Alia & Kareena, next guests in Koffee with Karan show; their fun banter OUT in new promo VIDEO – N.F Times

New Delhi: Filmmaker Karan Johar’s popular chat show The ‘Koffee with Karan’ will have two of his ‘closest’ friends from the Hindi film industry on the hot seat, this week and the host Karan as well as his guests are making no bones about the upcoming show on November 16.

Karan Johar, in his shows, keeps pouring out humorous takes on guests but these are set to make the maverick filmmaker uncomfortable in his seat.

In the recently released Disney + Hotstar promo, Karan Johar could be seen teasing & grilling Kareena Kapoor & Alia Bhatt with a couple of questions. In response, he also receives jibes from Kareena, in particular.

The show will begin with Karan Johar’s voice-over where he showers love on his ‘first baby’ Alia & ‘spirit soulmate’ Kareena. The two actress enter the show, adorned in shimmery dress, with a swag and get greeted by the popular host.

Throughout the show, Karan keeps humour on a high with his interesting & piercive questions while Kareena takes it to another level with her witty one-lovers.

Karan’s fun banter with bhabhi/jethaani

The upcoming show of Koffee with Karan promises too much of fun-filled moments as the fun banter goes uninterrupted. Karan keeps teasing the duo about their personal lives to professional realities while the latter also take no time in replying to his witty sarcasm.

At the start of show, Karan asks the duo to decide who is ‘bhabhi’ and who is ‘jethaani’. To this Kareena snapped back, ‘I am not anyone’ bhabhi’

Notably, Alia Bhatt is Ranbir kapoor’s wife while Kareena Kapoor is his elder sister.

Karan Johar also shared the promo of next show and wrote on his Insta handle, “Doesn’t get more PHAT than this!!! Watch the loveliest queens, Kareena Kapoor Khan & Alia Bhatt on the new episode of #KoffeeWithKaran, streams from 16th November.”

Karan-Kareena repartee

During rapid fire round, Karan enquires Kareena, “Do you consider Deepika Padukone as your competition?”.
Kareena cleverly dodged this question and said, “I think this is Alia’s question for her rapid fire, not for me.”
When Kareena asks Karan about his ‘first activity’ after waking up, the latter makes faces and replies funnily, “Ask me no secrets, I’ll tell you no lies.”

Karan also asked Kareena about the reason for skipping Gadar 2 success party and also questioned, whether it was because of her running feud with Ameesha Patel?

Karan recalled that it was Kareena who was first offered ‘Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai’. To this question, Kareena replied, ‘I am ignoring this.’

‘Vibe check’ moment leaves Alia baffled

After some time into the show, Karan introduces ‘vibe check’, leaving Alia Bhatt startled. At the point, Kareena is seen trolling Karan on latter’s pout moment in selfies. She not only derides the filmmaker over his multiple pouts but also over the camera angle he takes doing it.

Karan asked Kareena and Ali how they are related to each other. And, when he addressed Kareena as Alia’s bhabhi, the actor said, “I am no one’s bhabhi”.

The full episode of Koffee With Karan featuring Alia and Kareena can be watched on Disney+ Hotstar on November 16.

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