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Blessings amid joy in Madhya Pradesh: Cows walk over devotees in unique Diwali tradition – N.F Times

Ujjain: “Madhya Pradesh Ajab Hai, Sabse Gajab Hai” (the state is strange, most amazing) – a popular slogan among the citizens of the state – has been re-enacted once again, this time in Ujjain district, where cows walked over men as part of their tradition.

This unique tradition took place in Bhidavad village of Badnagar tehsil, located 75 kilometres away from the district headquarters, on Monday.

The ritual is performed here on the morning after the Diwali festival, and the devotees believe that by following this ritual, their wishes will come true.

According to locals, the cows were worshipped in the village in the morning, and then people lay down on the ground while the cows walked over them. People believe that 33 crore Gods and Goddesses reside in cows, and by allowing cows to walk over them, one receives the blessings of the Gods.

In addition, participants in this tradition must follow another age-old custom.

Devotees fast for five days, and a day before Diwali, they stay in the village temple throughout the night. They also perform bhajans and kirtans there.

On the second day of Diwali, morning puja is conducted, and then people circumambulate the village with drums. During this, all the cows of the village are gathered in one place. Subsequently, people lie down on the ground, and the cows are released to pass over them by trampling, they explained.

After the cows passed over, the devotees stood up and danced to the drum beats, creating an atmosphere of happiness throughout the entire village. People from nearby villages also come to witness this moment with enthusiasm.

Notably, none of the devotees suffered any major injuries during this traditional celebration, as claimed by locals.

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