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Scary scenes at theatre filming ‘Tiger 3’, firecrackers burst inside hall; fans seen running for cover (VIDEO) – N.F Times

New Delhi: For thousands of fans flocking the theatres to watch Salman Khan starrer ‘Tiger 3’, hoping to watch action-packed movie on Diwali night, the experience turned out to be eeriely for hundreds of them in Malegaon, Maharashtra. On movie screens, the Bollywood’s Bhai hit & dodged bullets & bombs during action sequences, the actor’s fans were seen attempting the same in Malegaon’s cinema hall.

While the movie-goers watched Salman Khan & his heroics in the movie with loud cheers, they found the ‘shock of their life’ as scores of crackers started busting inside the theatre suddenly. Dozens of them looked petrified due to sudden bursting of firecrackers inside the hall and were seen running for cover.

The incident happened in Mohan cinema in Maharashtra’s Malegaon district. The threatre has slotted the movie for 5 shows in a day. During 9.30 PM show last night, while the movie was screening, a slew of crackers went on uninterrupted leaving people shocked & stupefied.

Many videos of the incident of the video have landed on social media and are being shared widely among fans. Not just people but the multiplex operators also got baffled for a while over what to do during the chaos.

In series of videos that circulated on social media, showed fans celebrating Salman Khan’s arrival on the big screen and engaged in hooting & cheering for the actor. But, little did they know that this would turn into a nightmare. A stampede like situation arose because of the chaos & tumult inside theatre.

Several inside VIDEOS surface

The bursting of firecrackers inside the theatre continued for about 1.30 minutes. The baffling scenes within the cinema hall trumped the action sequences on screen. As people jumped and ran helter-skelter to shield themselves from crackers, those sitting in the balcony corner fished out their phones and started recording videos. The videos that surfaced on social media, was also shot by someone inside the cinema hall. During the entire over 1 minute video footage, many people could be seen rushing towards the exit door while others standing on chairs to save themselves from the embers.

Meanwhile, Police have taken note of the incident and has launched investigation into it.

Fans did it in 2021 too

Notably, this is not the only incident of burning of fire-crackers inside the cinema hall.

During the release of ‘Antim: The Final Truth’ starring the actor, fans bursted crackers inside the multiple too. That time, this caught the attention of Salman and he also took to Social media to appeal to fans to drop such risky behavior.

“Request all my fans not to take fire crackers inside the auditorium as it could prove to be a huge fire hazard thereby endangering your lives and also others. Enjoy the film by all means but please please avoid this is my request to all my fans…thank u,” he wrote social media.

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