Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Kolkata FF Fatafat: Which numbers turned ‘goldmine’ on November 17, 2023? – N.F Times

New Delhi: Amid the gloomy economic scenario, rising inflation and drop in liquidity, the working class across the globe is under pressure to earn a sufficient & moderately comfortable life. Layoffs at workplaces, monetary constraints and lack of opportunities have made the situation more worrisome.

In such circumstances, staying afloat remain the priority rather than hoping to take long strides in terms of prosperity. However, those who can’t keep calm and keep looking for ways to enhance their earning multifold, often turn their attention to betting & lotteries.

Kolkata FF Fatafat comes off a more reliable platform for raising quick bucks, though it comes with risks involved.

By putting in your money in Kolkata FF Fatafat, you can multiply your money. One can start with a small investment, as low as Rs 6/- and can take to any level as per capacity. One can make money in hundreds & thousands here, however, the winning amount will correspond with the amount of investment.

The game comes with a condition though. Those putting in their money in the game have to be a resident of Kolkata.

Winning Numbers of November 17

Kolkata FF Fatafat announces its numbers in 8 slots through the day, during weekdays and in 4 slots during the weekend.

Here, we provide you the winning numbers of today’s baazis, from morning to evening.

For the youngsters or new investors, the advice is that keep your investments low & measures unless you have understood else be ready for setbacks.

One can take help from ‘lucky numbers’ available on portal’s pages and also in Kolkata social media circles. A brief analysis of these numbers will help you decode the right numbers and thus place an ‘award-winning’ bid.

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