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‘Those visiting Ram Temple will turn Muslim’: Ex-Pak cricketer Javed Miandad stokes row (VIDEO) – N.F Times

New Delhi: Pakistan’s humiliating defeat and ouster from the ICC World Cup 2023 has caused much heartburn not just among Pakistani fans but also their cricket administration. Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) went into an overdrive, axed the skipper and made the whole team scapegoat rather than looking within.

On the other hand, couple of senior & retired Pakistani cricketers have gone in a drift. Unable to comprehend reasons behind Pakistan’s exit from 2023 World Cup, they are hatching conspiracy theory and also going to extreme to deviate the attention from its inadequacies.

Former Pakistani captain Javed Miandad, speaking to a local channel, purportedly a day after team’s debacle raked up Ayodhya’s Ram Temple issue and tried to give it a religious spin.

He said that all those Hindus visiting the Ayodhya’s grand Ram Temple will turn out as Muslims as the very foundation of structure symbolizes Islam.

For the unversed, a grandiose Ram Temple is under construction in Ayodhya. The temple dedicated to Lord Ram will have a shelf life of over 1,000 years and will be inaugurated after Pran Prathistha event. It’s doors will be opened for public by next month i.e. January 2024.

“Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has done a very good work, though it’s not good as per us. A temple has been converted into mosque. Hence, whoever visits this temple, will come out as Muslim,” Javed Miandad tells the channel host.

“The temple’s Islamic roots can’t be removed,” the former cricketer said further.

Pak cricketers’ obsession with religion

It is Javed Miandad alone but most Pakistani cricketers often turn to religion and also try to ‘enforce’ it on others, inspite of adhering to strict profession conduct of the game.

Days ago, Inzamamul-Al-Haq, one of the biggest Pakistani cricketer claimed that Harbhajan Singh was on the verge of conversion to Islam.

“We had convinced Harbhajan to covert. He developed deep respect towards Islam and was almost ready to convert but got halted at the last moment,“ Inzamam told a YouTube channel host.

Mohammad Yousuf tried converting Brian Lara

In yet another revelation of Pakistan cricketers turning ‘clerics’ after retirement from cricket, here is a candid admission by Mohammad Yousuf who says on record that he tried converting Brian Lara to Islam.

Speaking to SK Zero YouTube channel, Mohammad Yousuf disclosed that he offered West Indian batsman to adopt his religion.

“I took Lara to one of friend’s place for dinner. He also heard & embraced our thoughts well,” he told the channel host.

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