Wednesday, November 29, 2023

World Cup Final 2023: Netizens take “If India Wins” challenge as India gets bowled out on 240 vs Australia – N.F Times

New Delhi:  Cricket’s two fierce arch-rivals India and Australia are fighting it out to add one more prestigious ICC trophy to their cabinet in Ahmadabad’s Narendra Modi Stadium.

All over the country, fans are not only buzzing with excitement but also praying for the men in blue’s victory against the mighty Aussies.

So far, India has showcased a dominating performance in the Tournament and has won 10 out of 10 matches in its league stage and semi-finals.

‘If India Wins’ trend after India faces batting collapse in CWC 2023 finals

Meanwhile, as Australian bowlers have made a comeback in the competition and silenced the 1.2 lakh fans in the world’s largest cricket stadium by castling all Indian wickets at the score of 240 by the end of the first innings,  social media has panicked and people are sharing hilarious self-commitments they would take if India managed to take home their third ICC ODI Trophy today with hashtag #ifindiawins.

India’s leading Food delivery portal Zomato also failed to keep themselves away from this trend as they took to their Twitter (Now X) and wrote, “i̶f̶ when India wins the World Cup, 10 random people who like this tweet get free dinner”

Soon after, Local Savings super app Magipin also joined the party and wrote, “If India wins” challenge. They tweeted a picture of their office building with the text, “If India wins we’ll hoist a GIANT 200 FOOT INDIA FLAG Right here on our office wall at IFFCO CHOWK, Gurgaon.”

‘If India Wins’ trend takes the internet by storm

Soon, the trend spread all over X like wildfire, and thousands of Indian fans promised to do something unique if India wins the ICC ODI World Cup 2023 today.

One girl wrote, ” “If India wins today’s match, I will propose one of my followers on Twitter.”

If India wins today’s match, I will propose one of my followers on Twitter.

Another one said, “If India wins today’s match, i will accept the proposal one of my followers on Twitter.”

A third comment read, “if India wins, I’ll put Salman bhai’s picture as my PFP for a month

Here are more fan reactions

— POOJA DUBEY (@poojavdubey) November 19, 2023

“if India wins  I’ll light CyclePure om shanthi agarbattis & pray”, read one more tweet

One more user swore to join the gym if India won and wrote, “If India wins kal se roz gym.”

“If India wins today’s match, I will propose one of my followers on Twitter.”

One X user even started a thread of comments by writing, “If India wins Tom I’ll stop crying. Your turn:”

Responding to her tweet, many people wrote many things like “I will quit gaming, “I will stop talking shit about myself”, “I will study regularly and be productive every day” & more.

So what are you gonna do if India wins today?


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