Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Google Photos Is Now Using AI To Clean Up Your Gallery And Stack Up Calendar – N.F Times

New York: Google and AI have become a common note in the news recently and now it is time for the AI-powered features to make their way to Photos. Google feels that millions of its users have a stacked up photo library that could use some cleanup and what better way than this to make AI do the heavy work smartly and quickly.


The whole purpose of this AI cleanup is to simplify your search on Google Photos and reduce the time you spend on scrolling for the right content. Photo Stacks is the biggest AI upgrade for Photos users who can now have one folder with all the photos you have clicked around the same time.


Besides photos, Google will also make it easy to look for screenshots and documents like your personal IDs in an album named ‘ID’ but that’s not all, Photos can also get details about your flight date and time and add it to your calendar, so that you don’t have to do it for all the events and travel plans. The new AI-powered features on Photos are coming to Android and iOS users over the next few weeks.

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