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Bride elopes with boyfriend from beauty parlour, groom returns home – N.F Times

Kanpur: A bride eloped with her boyfriend from the beauty parlour where she went to get ready for the wedding.

The bride’s father has filed an FIR in the matter and police are in search of the woman while the groom and his relatives have returned home.

The incident took place on Tuesday in Chaubepur village. The bride, accompanied by her friend, went to the beauty parlour to get ready for the ceremony. Dressed in a red outfit, the bride later left for the wedding venue after getting ready.

However, she did not return home and when her enquired about her, they found out that the bride had run away with her boyfriend. Then, they informed the groom about the incident, who, along with the wedding procession, went home.

According to the information, the bride’s family has been residing in Lucknow for 25 years, and she was involved in a relationship with a man there. However, her family was not in favour of the relationship and wanted her to get married to someone from their community.

Hence, they went back to their native village Chaubepur in Kanpur.

ACP Vijay Dhull said that the woman was already in touch with the boy over the phone, and was against getting married as per her family’s wishes.

Meanwhile, the groom’s family said that there was no reason for the bride’s side to approach them with the marriage proposal when they already knew she was in a relationship with someone else. They added it would have saved them from humiliation.

The bride’s family, on the other hand, are unwilling to talk about the incident.


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