Home States International Conference on Inclusive and Sustainable Growth through Business Innovation inaugurated by Dr. T.K. Chand   – N.F Times

International Conference on Inclusive and Sustainable Growth through Business Innovation inaugurated by Dr. T.K. Chand   – N.F Times

International Conference on Inclusive and Sustainable Growth through Business Innovation inaugurated by Dr. T.K. Chand   – N.F Times


Bhubaneswar: Two-day International Conference on Reimagine, Reinvent, Recycle: Exploring inclusive and sustainable growth through business innovation was held in Ashoka Hall of IMIS here.

The conference had 5 tracks which included:

1 Financial sustainably and inclusive growth strategy

2.Innovative HR practices for inclusive sustainability

3. Marketing for sustainable innovation

4. Evolvinginclusive ethical and innovative initiatives

5. Data driven decision making for business innovation & sustainable growth.

The inauguration of the conference was held on Friday with DR. T.K. Chand, a well-known top industry professional as Chief Guest & Professor.(Dr.) Borte-Kose-Mutlu of Istanbul Technical University, Turkey as Guest of Honor.

Welcome address was given by Chairman, IMIS Dr.K.K Beuria, who outlined the objectives of the conference the trials and trevilian, that the institute has gone through during Covid-19 pandemic and its current achievements. While welcoming Dr. Chand to their great institute, he extensively gave examples of professional competency of the Chief Guest and his enduring qualities and high values. Dr Usha Kamilla, Director, IMIS in her key note address extended warm welcome to Dr Chand and gave detailed notes on the two-day conference and also on the concept of sustainability and inclusive growth through business innovation. Prof (Dr.) Borte-Kose-Mutlu elaborately explained, what they are doing on sustainability and mainly focused on measurement and ranking in the areas of actions on sustainability.

In his inaugural address Dr. Chand told that there are four distinct processes referred as 4D: Digitalization, Disruption, Decarbonization and Democratization that are brining drastic changes in industries and business. These processes have two main objectives that are sustainability and inclusiveness which have now become a buzz word amongst scholars, professionals & policy makers. Sustainability in environmental context is a survival issue and is on the top of the agenda. He informed that top corporates in India including Vedanta have committed under climate action for achieving carbon neutrality that is zero net carbon by 2050. The country has committed carbon neutrality by 2070.

He further elaborated that mining and industries should continuously work on carbon neutrality plan as it is a question of survival of the planet. It is not a national issue but it is the issue that is affecting the humanity at large as One planet, One environment and One future. He also underscored that inclusiveness should be driven along with development and growth, so that people in the fringe should come and participate in the mainstream. Development and growth will be meaningful if all people will have desired purchasing power to avail the benefits of growth and development.

Referring to the impact of the cutting-edge technology bringing democratization in access to making business and setting of industries, he told that gone are the days when son or daughter of rich people can only make business now if you are having innovative ideas and ability to transform it to a business enterprise you can be a millionaire or billionaire. Unicorns are the best examples. Talking on sustainability in mining sector he pointed out that zero net mining, zero discharge and zero waste will make mining sector sustainable. For promoting inclusiveness, he advocated mined out land to the land outstees.

He advised management students to be job ready by internalizing cutting edge technology. He complimented management of IMIS for organizing international conference and giving opportunity to the scholars and policy makers to debate and decide action plan on sustainability and inclusive growth. He advised the management for publicizing the outcome of the conference for the stakeholders. Professor (Dr). B.B. Rath, Convenor international conference proposed the vote of thanks on the occasion.





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