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10 Benefits Of Surya Namaskar – Everything You Need To Know – N.F Times

We have bowed and prayed to the Sun from the beginning of time because it is a component in everything we eat, drink, and relax. Surya Namaskar is a comprehensive physical workout that is regarded as an ancient discipline of giving appreciation to the source of life, the Sun, via the practice of 12 distinct postures. The Surya namaskar’s 12 asanas are designed to maintain a state of vibrancy, preparedness, and receptivity, assisting you in manifesting a body and spirit that serve as stepping stones to greater possibilities.

In terms of religion, the Sun is quite important. The healing qualities of the Sun and the medical benefits of Surya Namaskar have been demonstrated and recognised by science. The Surya Namaskar series of 12 postures strengthens the solar plexus (placed behind the navel in the human body), which improves the practitioners’ creative, intuitive, and leadership capacities.

10 Health Benefits Of Surya Namaskar

According to various yoga experts, the following are the 10 health benefits of Surya Namaskar:

1. Blood Circulation Enhancement

Throughout the Surya Namaskar sequence, the dynamic inhaling and exhalation process keeps the blood oxygenated and the lungs ventilated. The proper flow of fresh blood in the body is an excellent technique to cleanse the body of poisonous substances and carbon dioxide.

2. Improves The Functioning Of The Digestive System

Surya Namaskar improves the function of your digestive system by increasing blood flow to the stomach-related tract, allowing the digestive organs to work more efficiently. The forward bend posture helps to expand the space in your abdomen, which aids in the release of trapped gases from your system.

3. Surya Namaskar Benefits In Weight Loss

When you practice the Surya Namaskar Series regularly and at a fast tempo, it strengthens your muscles and helps you lose weight around your stomach. The asanas strengthen the musculoskeletal system while toning the abs.

4. Helps Detox

The lungs are completely ventilated and the blood is oxygenated due to the active breathing and exhalation process. This also aids in the detoxification of the body by removing carbon dioxide and other poisonous gases.

5. Healthy Lower Body

The pranam asana (petition present) is the first and last posture of Surya Namaskar, and it strengthens the lower body. Legs, lower legs, and feet are successfully reinforced. The position strengthens the hips, relieves sciatica, and helps to prevent flat feet. One of the most important scientific benefits of Surya Namaskar is that it connects the right and left hemispheres of the brain.

6. Glowing Skin And Luscious Hair

Surya Namaskar combines several yoga asanas to improve blood and oxygen flow, resulting in a youthful glow and a long, healthy mane even in old age. Surya namaskar promotes blood circulation, which helps to restore the glow on your face while also avoiding wrinkles and making your skin look younger and more vibrant.

7. Helps In Muscles And Joints Strength

Surya Namaskar is a great way to stretch and strengthen your muscles, joints, and tendons, as well as your skeletal system. The advancements may also aid in improving your spine’s adaptability. Your limbs become symmetrical as you practice the poses, which helps your internal important organs work better.

8. Calming Your Body

Yoga postures have a relaxing impact on the brain when performed. Surya Namaskar poses like downward dog and cobra pose, on the other hand, gently stimulate the nerves, relieve anxiety, and strengthen the nervous system, all of which encourage positivity.

9. Activates The Heart 

In the prayer stance, the hands are clasped together in front of the heart. This mudra activates the heart chakra and encourages the lotus heart to open up with attention, according to Yogic norms.

10. Solves Blood Pressure And Heart Problems

Surya Namaskar is a natural blood pressure treatment. Surya Namaskar strengthens the heart muscles and helps to repair irregular heartbeats. The practice also helps to maintain blood sugar levels under control, which helps to prevent heart problems.

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