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Israeli Woman, Kidnapped By Hamas From Festival, Freed After 245 Days | Pragativadi | Odisha News, Breaking News Odisha, Latest Odisha News – N.F Times


Israel: Israeli citizen Noa Argamani, 26, who was held captive by the Palestinian group Hamas for 245 days, has been rescued by the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) and reunited with her family. Ms Argamani, who was kidnapped from the Nova music festival on October 7 last year, endured a harrowing eight months in captivity before her rescue on Saturday.

After Hamas launched a sensational land-sea-air attack on Israel, the Nova music festival, which had drawn a large crowd of young revellers, quickly turned into a scene of chaos and terror. Amid the violence, Ms Argamani and her boyfriend, Avinatan Or, were taken hostage. Viral footage from the incident showed Ms Argamani being forcibly taken into Gaza on the back of a motorcycle, crying out in desperation. The video went viral on the internet, drawing global attention to the attacks.

For 245 days, Ms Argamani was held captive in Gaza. During her captivity, the condition of her mother, Liora, who suffers from terminal brain cancer, deteriorated.

The IDF carried out the daring rescue operation on Saturday in Nuseirat in central Gaza. This operation not only brought Ms Argamani back but also freed three other hostages – Andrey Kozlov, Almog Meir Jan and Shlomi Ziv.

Following her rescue, Ms Argamani was transported to a hospital in Tel Aviv, where she was able to reunite with her mother. The emotional reunion took place at Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Centre, where Liora has been receiving treatment.

Ms Argamani’s father, Yaakov, who first saw his daughter after she was flown back to Israel by military helicopter, described the reunion as the greatest birthday gift he could ever receive.

Thousands of Israelis gathered in what has become known as “Hostage Square” in central Tel Aviv to celebrate the rescue and demand the release of the remaining hostages. The square has become a focal point for demonstrations and solidarity since the October 7 attacks.

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